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Is digibro Right For You?

A product of Freedom’s Design LLC

digibro is a powerful, interactive, multimedia, web-based asset that enables you to deliver podcasts, videos, slideshows and written content to your target audiences in a clear and simplified manner. digibro’s foundation is pre-built, yet each area within its pre established structure can be customized. Your digibro also comes complete with a robust Content Management System (CMS) which makes adding new media, archiving old media and editing content a breeze.

The general format of the digibro has much in common with a digital brochure, hence the name digibro. However, because digibro can do everything a website can do and more, many of our customers argue amongst themselves about what it actually is. “It’s a website,” some say. “NO! It’s a digital brochure,” says the other side. Originally we set out to create a “digital brochure,” but after much time and many revisions, it turned into much more. We are very pleased with the final product and happy to step back from the debate and let our customers battle-it-out as to what to call it. To us— the developers of this fine digital asset— we will fondly and forevermore call it… a digibro, bro.

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